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These are PDFs of some of the dolls on the website. I do not have all the dolls in PDF format up yet. But if you want them right away in a PDF, let me know and I can email you them. (Just email me first or comment.)  (  I will be happy to send them to you.
I am not sure that all of the PDFs work. Please let me know which ones are not working.
Thank you and enjoy,

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Skye (The Doll)
Purple Medieval Dress
Green Robin Hood Dress With Bow
Indian Dress With Headband
Spy Outfit #1
Halter Top and Shorts
Color-It-Yourself Summer Dress
Summer Dresses (Green and Blue Tank Top) (Pink Skirt and Black and Green Halter Top)
Three Outfits. Ballgown, Spy #2, Indian Dress
Blue Ballgown
Red Corset and Yellow Skirt
Swim Suit Cover
Chinese Dress
Arabian Clothing
Futuristic Outfit (Spy #3)
Greek Dress
Red Dress
Gladiator Armor
Yellow Prom Gown
More to come for Skye!

Ciara (The Doll)
Green Summer Dress
A Fantasy Outfit (The Red Dress)
Blue and Black Wave Dress
White Shirt and Tan Shorts
Yellow Summer Dress with Pretty Ties At the Shoulders and Summer Hat
Dress of Explosions
More to come for Ciara!!