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Paper Doll Tutorial

I have been working on this for quite awhile now, and I found the time to put it up. A tutorial on how I draw my paper dolls. Well, the pictures are an outfit, but I use the same method for drawing the dolls also. I occasionally use markers to color the dolls, (the Faerie Girls are a good example of this) but mostly I use my coloring pencils, since they have better skin colors, and you can blend more easily. You can find this outfit and the doll it goes to here. The pictures show an outfit for a doll, but it also has tips for an actual doll--I use this same method for dollies.

To see my video, either scroll down below the first tutorial or click here.

Materials Used/Needed:
  • Pencil
  • Ink Pens
  • Coloring pencils, markers, or any other sort of coloring utensil.
  • Light-box or well light window
  • Standard Printer Paper
  • Creativity and Inspiration

1.  This is my light-box. It has a light bulb underneath it. You just plug it into an electric socket and it turns on. I use it to trace. I put the doll (which is drawn on a piece of standard printer paper) on the white part, and a blank piece of paper on top, and draw over it. A light-box ensures that the outfit will fit the dollie. Or you can use a well lighted window. (I used the window method for the earlier years of the blog.) ;)

2.  I use a standard pencil to draw the outfit. (Sorry I don't have pictures of that. I could maybe update it later, but it would be with a different outfit.) I just use the light-box and draw on a blank piece of standard paper the kind of outfit I want. After any adjustments, I go over it with my ink pens. Don't forgot to add tabs!

3. Then I erase the pencil. This will also take away any extra ink. But you have to be careful that all the ink is dry, or it will smudge. It's happened to me before and ruined many good outfits.

4. Fully inked...

5. Then you can color!  I used my markers for this tutorial, but you can use crayons, coloring pencils, water colors, acrylics, basically whatever you want.

6. Now you have a pretty outfit for your doll!

Or if you would like, here is a video I made of the process. I shall be adding another one soon of drawing a doll!