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1) Contacting me-- feel free! is my email. I ONLY open things that are related to paper dolls and this blog. ANYTHING ELSE WILL BE MOVED TO SPAM.

2) About the Blog; This is a paper doll blog. I draw my own paper dolls, and I create the clothes. I get inspiration from nature, colorful things, and artsy things too.
I use Prisma Coloring Pencils and the Prisma Coloring Pencil Blender. I also use Derwent Color Soft Pencils. I enjoy them both a lot. I also have some cheap water color pencils that I hardly use, and I use standard felt-tipped markers. I use a light-box to ensure that the clothes properly fit the dolls.

3) About Me; I am a girl who enjoys art, music and writing. I have been drawing paper dolls since I was 8 or 9. I am a writer, musician, photographer, and artist. I have been described as adventuresome, random and creative.

5) Suggestions; I am always open to suggestions. Send me some outfit ideas -- dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, anything. I can use hand-drawn pictures, (Just so long as they are clear and have details), I can use pics of real people, pics from photobucket, deviantart, webshots, or any other website/place. Or you can send me some descriptions. If you know of some good fashion websites, with pictures, you can always send me the links. Please email them to me at Thank you so much! Also, do not be offended if they do not get posted right away. I do consider each suggestion sent in, and appreciate each one.

6) Printing; Feel free to print my things. DO NOT sell them! Please contact me if they do not work with your printer or something. I printed one off the computer before and the printer cut it off. Please contact me if something like that happens so that I may fix it on the website. If you see my dolls on another website or in a paper doll game, please let me know immediately and send me the link. Thank you!  (Please remember, though, that it might not be the image on the website. Make sure to check your printer's settings before printing to ensure a nice turnout.)

7) Other Website; My other website, which is a sister site to this one, is here at this link: A Paper Doll Blog II  It has all the clothes and the dolls organized in a much nicer way.



Creative Commons License

Here is a link for the ins and outs of everything;

I need you guys to read this, it's pretty important. I don't want people selling my paper dolls on ebay.

I like this because it lets you guys copy and share my art, but you cannot  sell it or mess it up.

If there is something that doesn't seem right, or you don't understand it, or you have a question, comment or email me. Also, if you see a dress or doll somewhere, like in a flashgame, let me know please. =]