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May 14, 2013

Neela--a New Paper Doll

Meet Neela.

I drew her just this month. I tried going for a different pose. I still need to figure out all the little ways of drawing for her and making it look good, but I'm pleased with how she and her clothing turned out. I'm just captured by her face--I think it might be one of the best I've done in awhile.

She's very stylized, but that's okay. It's what makes her unique. I had wanted to give her a strapless top for underwear but I had trouble making it look right, so I'm stuck with the straps, which limits my outfit possibilities just a little. But I'll work with it.

I hope you like her! I'm working on some more outfits and some shoes for her, so it won't be long before she has a bursting wardrobe. If I continue to like her, she might join the Main Dolls.


RLC said...

She looks wonderful. I love her face and her blue top is nicely shaded.

K said...

I do like her face a lot too. Very lovely!

Monica said...

Thank you both!