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Mar 12, 2013

Tuscan Red Tribal Dress for Ciara

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Hello! Here I am! =DD

This dress is titled "Tuscan Red Tribal Dress." I used the prisma colour Tuscan Red for the colour of it and I just sounded like a nice name. Anyway, enjoy!


RLC said...

Another lovely dress. I think your names for your posts are totally creative. I never can come up with decent names. I don't seem to have the "naming" gene.

Monica said...

Thanks Miss Rachel! I do try my best. The thesaurus does help every now and then too. ;)

Corissia said...

Tuscan Red is a great color, I like to use it to accent my browns. Do you use a blender pencil with your prismacolors? I love the detailing on the front, it makes it feel special.

Monica said...

I do, I use the Prismacolor blending pencil. It works fantastically. I actually need to get another one soon.... ;)