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Mar 19, 2013

Paper Doll Outfit Video Tutorial


As promised, here is how I draw my outfits for my dollies. I do hope you enjoy. I'll be making one soon of drawing an actual doll...That should prove interesting!

Just click the video to play.


Corissia said...

Great video, I just have one suggestion. Unless you have a fairly thick sheet of printer paper you're drawing the outfit on, marker can sometimes bleed through onto the doll. I use a similar process to make my outfits.

Monica said...

Thanks! Yes, some people would have that problem with their markers, like the Copic markers, but the brand I use aren't very wet at all. Only if I put on many many layers of ink do they soak through. A tip for that though; put your paper doll in a clear, protective plastic sleeve, like the kind they use in scrapbooking binders. That would keep it clean, and from getting extra wrinkles and dirt.