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Aug 22, 2012

Melanie -- Simple Skinny Jeans

Click Here for Paper Doll Melanie

Do you remember Melanie? Well, if you don't, let me update you. I drew her in March of 2010, and I only made her about four outfits or so. Since then I just stuck her on a  back burner. But I recently did a poll on who you (the readers) would like to see more clothes for, and Melanie votes, I just realized that. Ooops... haha.
Anyway. I just drew her four new outfits to go with the four old ones, thinking that the poll said you wanted to see more for her. I really like this one. I have a super nerdy outfit coming for her soon too.
I hope you don't mind that I got my info messed up! I was thinking of Janelle and Akeela--they both had even votes. And of course, the winner, which was the Faerie Girls. I have several more dolls drawn for that series, all in different stages. ;)
So yeah, that's my update. Hope you like it.