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Jul 14, 2012

Janelle -- Thinking Thrifty

Click Here for Paper Doll Janelle


Here is an outfit that Janelle got from the Thrift Store. (Second-hand clothing store.) Now, thrift stores are not all ewy like everyone thinks. Most of the clothes I own (in real life) are from a thrift store. If you go to the right ones, you can get some good stuff. I recently purchased a American Eagle sweatshirt from a thrift store for five dollars. That sweatshirt brand new more than likely cost thirty to forty dollars from the store. And I got it in near-perfect condition. I also got an Aeropostale purse from a thrift store. And some Old Navey items too. If you look hard, you can find really good stuff at thrift stores. ;)

Anyway, back to the outfit.
Janelle likes pink, so the pink cardigan was a must. She was looking for a basic tank top for layering, and she came across one. And the plaid skirt with leggings was so anime that she figured it couldn't hurt.

Ahaha, anyway, this is one of my favorite outfits for Janelle so far. I hope you like it too!



Toria said...

Thrift stores are the way to go! I'm with you, my entire wardrobe is thrifted.

Cute outfit :)