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Apr 29, 2012

Empress Elizabeth's Dress for Skye -- A Suggestion

Click Here for Paper Doll Skye

Here is a pretty dress for Skye. It is based off of Empress Elizabeth of Austria's dress. I used this image here as reference, which was kindly submitted by Meredith. Thanks again, Meredith!!
I didn't put as much detail in it, since I don't have the proper resources and know-how. (I am not good at lace, and I don't have different shades of white to color it and make it look good.)
But it is a pretty pretty dress, and I am excited that I have gotten some suggestions! I hope, Meredith, that you like the dress and that it is to your expectations.
I did draw two, and this turned out to be the better one. I had to play around with the front, since the reference picture was a side view, which is fine. I thought it turned out nice.

I updated the suggestions page adding this dress to it.


Toria said...

lovely dress!

✿Cathie✿ said...

Beautiful rendition, Monica! I haven't been here in a while, and my what pretty changes have been made!