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Dec 15, 2011

Anoka, the Sixth Faerie Girl

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This is Anoka, the Sixth Faerie Girl. She is also the last one of this set.
I was really pleased with how she came out--I like her face, and all of her clothes. Her hair is my favorite part about her. But she does have expressive eyes. =]
My favorite dress of hers is the long blue one, with the cute neckline. And the small vintage looking pink shirt with the grey skirt. Classy.

I hope you all have enjoyed the Faerie Girls! I know I have enjoyed creating them. As I said, Anoka is the last one. I can continue the girls if I you all want me too. Please comment to let me know.



RLC said...

Her green tunic and brown trousers are both very cute. I do like your fairy paper dolls.