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Nov 4, 2011

Sci-Fi Set for Janelle Paper Doll

Click Here for Paper Doll Janelle

Please Note: 
This post was originally posted for Emi. It't not for her. The clothes are actually drawn for Janelle. I'm sorry about the mix up!

This is what took two days to post. =D

Do you like it? Please say yes!

I know I do! And it is for Emi Janelle! Her wardrobe just exploded. In fashionable Sci-Fi dresses, skirts, shirts, jewelry, (Those are crowns) and belts and shoes. And it is color schemed! My first color schemed post! Yaay! Lots of new skills were accomplished today!

Three shoes, three shirts, one shorts, three accessories, one dress, one tank-top, one skirt.



Liana said...

Oh, I do like it! :D Great color choices and variety -- it reminds me a lot of the sets that RLC does, with all the different choices. Very nice work! And that's an awesome belt :D

Marianne said...

Lovely outfits!

RLC said...

I love the platform boots. It's challenging and fun to color a set with a specific color scheme, I always find.