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Nov 10, 2011

60's Dress for Emi

Click Here for Doll, Emi

This is a 60's Dress for Emi. I know I just posted for her, but I have more than five outfits for her ready to post, and she honestly does not have that large of a wardrobe. So here is another outfit for her.

About the dress:
I was inspired by the 1960's, and found a photo of a similar dress. I tweaked it up some. Unfortunately, I no longer have the photo. I do remember that I made the belt taller and wider.

I have more 60's outfits for Emi on the way. I am doing this as a series, so I'm not posting them all together like a set. =]

I love the response I got from my last post, Sci-Fi Set for Emi. Thanks for all of those wonderful comments!



Liana said...

I really like the skirt on this one - something about the hem and the general shape makes me feel like if it was a real dress, it'd move around in a really flowing, playful way. Very cute!