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Nov 26, 2011

Outfit For Emi--Artistic Belt

Click Here for Doll, Emi

This is a crazy outfit for Emi. Although, I do like the belt on the skirt. I thought it was artistic. Would you wear it? ;]


Nov 24, 2011

Fantasy Dress for Skye

Click Here for Doll, Skye

Here is a fantasy dress for Skye. I hope you all enjoy it. It's another over-skirt!!!


Nov 10, 2011

60's Dress for Emi

Click Here for Doll, Emi

This is a 60's Dress for Emi. I know I just posted for her, but I have more than five outfits for her ready to post, and she honestly does not have that large of a wardrobe. So here is another outfit for her.

About the dress:
I was inspired by the 1960's, and found a photo of a similar dress. I tweaked it up some. Unfortunately, I no longer have the photo. I do remember that I made the belt taller and wider.

I have more 60's outfits for Emi on the way. I am doing this as a series, so I'm not posting them all together like a set. =]

I love the response I got from my last post, Sci-Fi Set for Emi. Thanks for all of those wonderful comments!


Nov 4, 2011

Sci-Fi Set for Janelle Paper Doll

Click Here for Paper Doll Janelle

Please Note: 
This post was originally posted for Emi. It't not for her. The clothes are actually drawn for Janelle. I'm sorry about the mix up!

This is what took two days to post. =D

Do you like it? Please say yes!

I know I do! And it is for Emi Janelle! Her wardrobe just exploded. In fashionable Sci-Fi dresses, skirts, shirts, jewelry, (Those are crowns) and belts and shoes. And it is color schemed! My first color schemed post! Yaay! Lots of new skills were accomplished today!

Three shoes, three shirts, one shorts, three accessories, one dress, one tank-top, one skirt.


Nov 3, 2011

So sorry!

I was going to post an outfit; honest. But was interrupted several times. This here is from the iPod in my bed. I had it all planned out, but I never got to do it. There will be a post tomorrow. No lie.