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Oct 31, 2011

My First Halloween Costume Paper Doll Outfits!

Click Here for Doll

Okay...So I know that I have been missing a lot of posting days lately. And I feel really bad about it. I am so sorry! Things have been hectic. I have been buried under school, work, and battling frequent illnesses. So. I am back today. (...Obviously not a posting day.) But at least I came back!!

Oh, and a very very special congratulations to Liana. (From Liana's Paper Dolls, the most popular paper doll website ever). I hope you are feeling better soon! I am so happy for you!!

Now, onto the outfits.

These took me a total hour to draw, ink and color, and then another hour to edit and ready for posting. And then 25 minutes writing this post. So you can be sure these are good outfits!

From left to right:
the purple dress is pretty much a basic one. Only I did and over skirt. I definitely need to work on that. My favorite part of the dress: The little decorative frog-button. It is so tiny and cute! I think it adds a lot of detail to the dress; without it it would look plain.

The middle dress...It reminds me of several things. Cultural Canadian clothing. I have no idea what cultural Canadian clothing looks like. I don't even know why that reminds me that! It just does. ;) My favorite part of the dress: The overlapping skirt and the fringe. Definitely one of my weaknesses, fringe is.
Another thing it reminds me of is American Indian clothing. Just the colors and the patterns...
And elves. Most certainly elves. Only they would eliminate the fringe.

And lastly, the blue fairy-ish dress!
I wanted something different, instead of a regular dress with sleeves, and some pretty colors. So I did this nifty shawl-like thing with some ribbon. (Almost like more fringe.) I also incorporated some pretty patterns in also. I think I am getting tired of plain colors.

So, there you go.

I hope that was a good first Halloween post. ;D I don't celebrate Halloween, nor do I do anything for Halloween, so this was a little weird. But anyway.


(this might be the longest post ever!)

Happy New November, also.

Until Thursday.