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Oct 13, 2011

Dragna, the Fifth Faerie Girl

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This is Dragna. The Fifth Faerie Girl. She is actually late. I should have had her posted several weeks ago. Sorry about that.

I just realized that she doesn't have as many outfits as the other girls. But that is okay.

Dragna has always had a passion for bright clothing that makes a big statement. She has her own garden were she grows the special plants that give the very exotic dyes. She then sews her own clothes, designing every stitch. Then she uses the magical dyes and creates truly individual dresses.

Her favorite activity is making music on her tambourine and running through a field of beautiful, blooming  flowers.

What do you all think?

Check her out on the other site here.


Corissia said...

Love her! Her eyes are really expressive and I really like her floral dress.

Monica said...

Thanks! I had some trouble with her face. But I think she turned out well. I am glad you like her.