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Sep 8, 2011

Janelle is Grecian

Click Here for Doll (Janelle)

Lily from Silent Moonstone asked for some Grecian styled dresses and outfits. I decided to attempt this with Janelle, since she needs clothes anyway. And I think it turned out rather well. I used some new techniques and gained some new experience, which is good.

What do you think, Lily? 

I had had a school class on Ancient Greece last school semester, so this was rather easy for me. Some of the designs I made up, so they look a little American. =] But I tried to stay as historically accurate as possible.

Obviously these clothes would be for a great lady of high stature and importance. They are luxury clothes, with color and soft flow-y fabric and beads. The jewelry are gold and silver, with precious gems. And the sandals are made of a more comfortable material than the peasants of that day owned. 

The only real peasant dress there is the drab brown one. 

I was not 100% sure that the Greeks had patterns in their clothing, weaved directly in the fabric, that was not embroidered. So to be on the safe side, I stuck with solids. 

I do not usually make multiple-dresses-posts, but I think I may attempt to try it with Janelle. So far she seems like a versatile doll with many many opportunities. If you have any suggestions for her, please let me know via comment or email. 

Thank you for reading this big long post and enjoy the clothes. 

I just realized I said "Grecian" on the pictures instead of "Greek." Is that a spelling/grammar mistake? =]