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Jul 12, 2011

There shall be no post today. I haven't been feeling well again.  There may be one tomorrow.

Jul 10, 2011

Drawing Week #7 Lonely Girl on Cliff Watercolor

Drawing Week #7

Lonely Girl on Cliff

This is a watercolor painting. Can you tell me what emotions this evokes? =]  Anyway, I tried to keep her simple and chibi-like. I think I succeeded. How do you like it? one more post with Drawing Week and then back to paper dolls! I haven't gotten any comments on this, so I don't know if I should do it again....

Jul 8, 2011

Drawing Week #6 Mom's Doodles

Drawing Week #6

Mom's Doodles

These are a couple of doodles my mom did. I liked them and she didn't. She was going to throw them away! I took them, and so here they are. ==] Doesn't the round orange doodle look like a pineapple??

Sorry this is late....

Jul 6, 2011

Drawing Week #5 Vocational Chibis

Drawing Week #5
Vocational Chibis
This here are drawings of chibis.A Mechanic, Teacher, and Nurse. I like them. (I've noticed I like a lot of the things I draw.)  I was just getting the hang of drawing chibis when I created these. What do you think? Have you enjoyed Drawing Week so far?

Jul 3, 2011

Drawing Week #4 Water-Color Water-Fall

Drawing Week #4
Water-Color Water-Fall
Make sure to click on the picture so that you can see it better.

This is a watercolor waterfall that I did for my art class. (I did a lot of art for my art class.) Even though it is so simple, It has a lot of personality and detail. This really was just a doodle.
One thing I like the most about this is the color. It is vivid. And it all works together.
I think that's it. See ya'all on July 5th!

Jul 1, 2011

Drawing Week #3 The Green Dress

Drawing Week #3

The Green Dress

This was a freestyle drawing, with no pencil. That means no erasing. You can see on her arm where I had some trouble.
Why did I post her:
She looks so happy! She is very good. She has an hour-glass shape. (That's my real body shape.) Her skin tone and hair look wonderful. Overall, she is very appealing to (my) eyes.
What was hard to draw about her:
As I mentioned, it was freestyle with only pen. That is a little hard for me to do yet, because I usually draw in pencil, and then ink over it. This was a good challenge because I did it without erasing.
That's it for now!