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Jun 5, 2011

Water Color Dress II For Emi

Click here for Doll, Emi
Click here for PDF of Dress


Well. A new dress for Emi! It's watercolor. I used my watercolor pencils for this. I think it will fit... I tried it on the computer (see picture) and it looked like it would do fine. If it doesn't it's because it's watercolor and I haven't perfected that yet. I did shading again, though. =] Do you like it? Do you think I should continue trying watercolor outfits 

I have lots of new things coming up! On the last week of June, and into the first week of July will be the "All Drawings and Watercolor" weeks. I will post my many endeavors into watercolor and my many many many sketches.
Another new thing that I have coming is another doll! She's is very realistic, and I am going to have a black and white version, a marker version, and a coloring pencil version, all of the same doll. (And clothes!) I have plenty of ideas for her series of clothes (yes, she's have series of clothes, not just clothes posted one at a time!!) and she will have accessories!  I am really excited for this doll. I hope you all will like her!

I must go now
Thank you for reading all that!
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Karen said...

The dress is cool and the color very beautiful and deep. I think you can use watercolor.

RLC said...

The color is wonderfully rich and deep. Water color pencils are a lot of fun, I think. I hope you enjoy them or experiment to find a media you like.