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Jun 29, 2011

Drawing Week #1 Stick People and Zombies

Drawing Week #1

The scanner works now. I think it didn't work before because the computer was updating. (Without me knowing it.) 
So here is the first post of Drawing Week! Make sure to click on the pictures so you can see them better. 

First off we have some more stick people. Nothing really spectacular about them, I just though it would be nice to post them. I like drawing them. Do you like them? The one on the right was a little harder to draw. Do you see the man there too? He has a flower for the other girl. =]

This picture here is well, a zombie. I do not like zombies, I do not watch zombie movies, I do not prepare for the zombie apocalypse. (To the horror of some people I know.) We were just doing poses in my art class (that is finished,) and we had to sketch it within a minute. Then we were supposed to take it home and make it detailed. (I forgot during the week and did it on the way in the car ^^) Anyway, I thought it was good enough to post. Any thoughts?
See you on the 30th!