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Jun 30, 2011

Drawing Week #2 Fairies and Foxes

Drawing Week #2
Fairies and Foxes!
The foxes I drew for an art class. I did a regular pencil and then I did a marker and ink. I like the marker and ink one better. It has more personality. I think they are really cute. Foxes are one of my favorite animals too.

This fairy I drew from my head. (Make sure to click on the picture so that you can see it better.) I had the most trouble with her arms. They did not want to go they way I wanted them too. The dress I partly thought up on my own, and I also partly got some of the design from a bridal book. The thing that I like the most about this is her face and the clothes. The detail is so good, I thought this should be something I post, whether or not her arms look right or not.
That's it for this Drawing Week! See you on July 1st!

Jun 29, 2011

Drawing Week #1 Stick People and Zombies

Drawing Week #1

The scanner works now. I think it didn't work before because the computer was updating. (Without me knowing it.) 
So here is the first post of Drawing Week! Make sure to click on the pictures so you can see them better. 

First off we have some more stick people. Nothing really spectacular about them, I just though it would be nice to post them. I like drawing them. Do you like them? The one on the right was a little harder to draw. Do you see the man there too? He has a flower for the other girl. =]

This picture here is well, a zombie. I do not like zombies, I do not watch zombie movies, I do not prepare for the zombie apocalypse. (To the horror of some people I know.) We were just doing poses in my art class (that is finished,) and we had to sketch it within a minute. Then we were supposed to take it home and make it detailed. (I forgot during the week and did it on the way in the car ^^) Anyway, I thought it was good enough to post. Any thoughts?
See you on the 30th!

Jun 28, 2011

Drawing Week #1 -- Sorta

I would like to post something but my printer is down. I do not know what to do. It is also my scanner. That is how I get images on here. Sorry, guys. I will try tomorrow.

Jun 24, 2011

Resuming Posting on Tuesday

I am feeling much better lately. Thank you for all the well-wishing! I'm not prepared for Sunday, so there shall be no post. The posting schedule shall resume on Tuesday, the 27th!

Jun 19, 2011

Not Feeling Well


Sorry about missing those two days. (Now it is three, because I'm not posting an outfit today, either.) 
I have been busy with school and work, and also I am now not feeling well. So no doll or outfit. Bummer. 
I apologize! I just wanted to give you a heads up so that no one is worrying unnecessarily!

Jun 14, 2011

A Dress for Ciara Paper Doll

Click Here for Doll, Ciara Click Here for PDF

This is a dress for Ciara. 
There isn't much to say about it, just that it comes with a crown. =] 
Next post should be on June 16th

Jun 12, 2011

Green Shirt for Emi with Black Skirt

Click Here for Doll, Emi
Click Here for PDF

This is a nice outfit for Emi for fancy parties or recitals. Also great work clothes.

Hope you like the colors!

Jun 10, 2011

Computer Girl Drawing

This is a drawing I did a couple months back.
I like it a lot.
That's all I have to say. =]


Jun 9, 2011

Please Vote in This Poll

Hey guys!
So... I have been thinking. With the new Weebly Blog/website, I decided that I should update this blog too. I never was very satisfied with this template anyway. So. I picked out these two templates. It's a tie. I need some help. I talked to my mom, and she liked #1. But please don't let that sway you! Please pick what you think would be best!
I am so undecided that I have chosen to let the future of this blog rest in your hands!

I am always open to your input!

Catherine's Outfit For Skye

Click Here for Doll, Skye
Click Here for PDF

This is one of my brother's friend's outfits. She has great style sense, and where ever she goes, it follows her.

I liked it so much that I made it into an outfit for Skye. I hope you all like it.

Catherine--I hope you don't mind! You have a talent for putting clothes together and looking great! Thanks for the inspiration!

The next post should be on 6.10.11

Jun 7, 2011

A new Website!

Hello all!
I have very important news!

I have just published a new part of A Paper Doll Blog! *drum roll please*

A Paper Doll Blog Weebly

I was introduced to buy Toria. She recently switched to weebly instead of blogger because of the easiness of organizing.
I didn't switch fully--this blog is going to continue as usual. But you can go to the A Paper Doll Blog Weebly to find the dolls more easily too.

Please check it out. Please comment on what you think.

I call it the Organization Counterpart of A Paper Doll Blog blogger. haha

I have a lot of the dolls that are on this blog on there too.

I hope you all like it. Please let me know how easy it is to use, what you think I should improve, and how you like. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 5+ stars?

Thanks! I hope you like it as much as I do!!
(this might be a hectic post, but that is because I am so excited!!!)

Burgundy Skirt for Ciara

Click here for PDF
Click here for Doll

This is another dress for Ciara. It's a nice medieval/sci-fi kinda thing.

Not much to say other than that.

Oh--I've noticed I've been making some link mistakes. Please please let me know if you find a post that is messed up! (For example: a post that is for Ciara but the "click here for doll" link is for Emi.)

Thank you!

Also! Thank you for the input on the watercolor pencils. I do believe I will try them some more!


Jun 5, 2011

Water Color Dress II For Emi

Click here for Doll, Emi
Click here for PDF of Dress


Well. A new dress for Emi! It's watercolor. I used my watercolor pencils for this. I think it will fit... I tried it on the computer (see picture) and it looked like it would do fine. If it doesn't it's because it's watercolor and I haven't perfected that yet. I did shading again, though. =] Do you like it? Do you think I should continue trying watercolor outfits 

I have lots of new things coming up! On the last week of June, and into the first week of July will be the "All Drawings and Watercolor" weeks. I will post my many endeavors into watercolor and my many many many sketches.
Another new thing that I have coming is another doll! She's is very realistic, and I am going to have a black and white version, a marker version, and a coloring pencil version, all of the same doll. (And clothes!) I have plenty of ideas for her series of clothes (yes, she's have series of clothes, not just clothes posted one at a time!!) and she will have accessories!  I am really excited for this doll. I hope you all will like her!

I must go now
Thank you for reading all that!
Sorry the HTML got messed up

Jun 3, 2011

A Drawing of a Girl

Drawing day!!
This is a random girl i drew with black coloring pencil. (I know, amazing right? ^^) I found it a little bit challenging since I could not erase. If you ever saw me draw, you might be surprised with how much I erase. But since I am part perfectionist, it's okay. (I inherited it from my mom.) =]
So anyway, I thought this would be something good to post since (1, it was a challenge, (2, it looks pretty good, (3 and three, I did some shading.
I love shading.
What do you think about it?

Jun 2, 2011

Arabic-Like Dress for Skye

This is a nice Arabic-like dress for Skye. I did not research anything, just drew. It ended up looking something like a Desert kind of dress. 
Paired with sandal-heels and three nice potion jars. haha Not sure how good the jars are. ;)

The next post will be on 6.3.11
The post from 6.1.11 has been updated. Please check that out. And I found an error with the post from May 29th. Please look at both of those for the new info. Thanks. =]

The blue decoration on the side of the picture is from Pixel Scrapper