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May 10, 2011

Orange Flowered Dress For Emi

So today we are going to post a dress that has already been posted, just for the wrong doll. One the 8th of June 2010, I posted Skye's 60's Orange Flowered Dress when in reality, it is Emi's.

The two dresses there are the same dress--just the one on the left is coloring pencil and the one on the right is water color pencil. I thought they turned out pretty good. I like how all the pleats and detail look very crisp and sophisticated.
At least you all know now that when the first time I posted this dress I posted it for the wrong doll. I'm surprised someone didn't catch it sooner! 
Oh, and the graphic on the picture is from I forgot to credit it on the picture. 

Thank you for looking!
The next post will be Friday, May 13. 


Toria said...

Adorable! I wish I had a sundress like this!

lys said...

Ooh, I like this dress!! Nice job with the watercolours :D I think the flower design looks nice and natural in the wc version, with the outline a bit more faded.