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May 3, 2011

One Suggestion!

I have one suggestion from the I Need Your Input Page. The suggestion is:
Kate's wedding dress? Although I know that would be a big challenge!!!
Yes, it would, seeing as how I am not very good at lace and white clothing. But, I think I shall try, since that is what the whole world is raving about. =]
I do not know when I fit it in, but I know I will.

Please, some one send some more ideas! I need someones els's opinion, not mine. I am running out of ideas. I hope they come back soon!



lys said...

Hey Monica! I have one suggestion for when you draw lace or other stuff with itty-bitty detail. What if you try drawing the whole dress bigger on paper—like, 2x normal size maybe? (though it might be complicated to get the proportions right to fit on your doll, I suppose...) Then when you scan it you can shrink the size down, but it'll make all your lines much thinner and delicate looking, if that makes sense. I don't know what size pen you use, but you could also maybe look for one with a finer tip to get nice crisp detail.

As a specific outfit-suggestion, can I request something Japanese-pop-culture-y? If you look up "harajuku fashion" on google you can see all kinds of brilliantly colourful outfits. I'd love to see your take on that style! :D