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May 17, 2011

Harajuku Outfit for Lys (Skye)

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This is a suggestion!! Lys, from the wonderful blog, daily lys, has asked for Harajuku style in response for the I Need Your Input page and post.
As a specific outfit-suggestion, can I request something Japanese-pop-culture-y? If you look up "harajuku fashion" on google you can see all kinds of brilliantly colourful outfits. I'd love to see your take on that style! :D 

I didn't make this specifically for this suggestion though. When I had drawn this, I wasn't sure how to color it. I say it looked like Japanese street fashion, and I hadn't colored it yet. So I decided to use it for this. 

I don't have so much to say about this, except I like the yellow. 

One other thing--I will be posting some more Harajuku soon. I like the style a lot. 
Do you like it, Lys? 


lys said...

Oooh, bright colours!! I love it :D Very cute outfit! And I'm happy you like the fashion style too—looking forward to what else you have in store!