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Apr 3, 2011

Silver Dress for Skye with Sapphire-Studded Belt

Click here for the PDF
Click here for the Doll (Skye)

Ah, another day of posting!

This is a silver day-gown for Skye. I like it a lot. The brown belt is studded with precious sapphires--which Skye takes great pride in. (So do I, because I can't wear stud-belts, so when my paper dolls do, I am very happy for them.) =]

There is a PDF for this dress! Look above. =]

I think that is it. Sorry for the short post.

Next post will be on April 5th.


Toria said...

Yay! I'm so happy you're back!
Lovely dress, I adore the belt!

Always Me said...

Welcome back Monica! I've missed seeing your updates in my feed. I wish I owned this dress myself, so I guess I'll have to live through your paper dolls a little.