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Apr 1, 2011

Ciara's Indian Dress

Click Here For the Doll (Ciara)
Click Here for the PDF

Hello, there!
Finally, after a long time, I am back. Things have slowed down some, so I think I will be able to post all the time now. I am all organized and I have a schedule, too. So that's all good.

I still have school, but I will get through that. I will have school well into June, I think.

There are lots of great dresses and outfits and new dolls coming! Just stay tuned!

Now, about the dress: Please let me know if it doesn't fit. I need to know. I was a little messed up on my math, I think. I am not sure. So please let me know if it does not fit.
This is an Indian dress that I made up. The jewelry may not be true Indian, but, oh well. It should work.
Do you like it?

Next post will be on April 3.  =] 


Anonymous said...

I so love it!!!

Always Me said...

I really like the style of this dress. Deer-hide looks kinda cute here.