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Apr 29, 2011

Ciara Dress, Skye Dress, Drawing

This post is continued off of the other one, right below this one. I was having (some more) technical difficulties so it wasn't working. I was getting frustrated, so I decided to post two posts.

I apologize for being late. I had school to do, which I got done. Thank you Rachel for the good wishes. =]

Here are the PDF links for the clothes below:

PDF for Ciara's Dress
PDF for Skye's Dress

Hope that works.

I don't really have anything to say about the clothes, except that they are color-yourselves. So if you color them and would like to have them featured on this blog, feel free email them to me. =]

The Greek Chibi is the second one in the series. Not one of my best (I had trouble with her skin color,) but I like her enough to post her.

Well, that is all.

The next post will be on May 1st.