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Apr 23, 2011

Black Cape with Beads for Skye

This is another cape for Skye. She likes those a lot. But this one has beads on. Pretty little beads.  Plus boots. Big, bulky brown boots. Topped with a choker necklace and a silver belt, Skye has everything she needs to look great any afternoon. (In cold-ish weather. This would be severely warm in 70 or 65 degrees!) ;]

The choker necklace didn't turn out as I planned. I had wanted it black lace to match the cape, but it messed     up. I need to work on my lace-making skills. 

I have been playing around with adding some nice, attractive graphics to my pictures. Do you like them? Dislike them? Any suggestions on where to get more? Do you think they add to the outfit or take away from it?

As tomorrow is Easter, I have decided to post on Saturday (evening) to save time tomorrow. =] I hope you don't mind. All though, as Paper Doll People are usually laid-back, I don't think you guys should have a problem with it. haha. 

I don't know if any of you have noticed, but there are some technical difficulties on the Paper Dolls page, and the work on the Links page has been post-poned. Also, the PDF page is slow coming. Since every outfit has it's own PDF, it's hard to get them all in! Toria--if you read this, could you send some tips? Thank you! =]

Well, I hope no one minds the long post! I actually had some things to say this evening. 
The next post will be on April 28th, skipping the 26, but combining the two posts together into one. (I have a lot of school to do that  day, and blogging just isn't at the front of your mind when you need to write a 5-page biography!!) =] Thank you all for your patience!

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Toria said...

Lovely outfit! I love your cute ensembles like this :)

Happy Easter, He is Risen!

RLC said...

I love the choker, but I have a thing for chokers. I blame it on being a child of the 90's. Good luck on your paper. :)