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Feb 8, 2011

April First and Second

Hello, all!

I really do apologize for not posting. I have been really bad about that. I just wanted to let you know how long this will last. I will not be coming back until April first or second. I know that is such a long time; it's just that I can't do it with all the school I have. I am sorry, and I feel horrible doing this, but I think it's time you should know when I will be posting again instead of this awful "are you never coming back?" thing.
I hope that makes sense.
I am sorry.


lys said...

Good luck with all your school work! I totally understand getting too busy to keep up the regular updates (since I am frequently guilty of the same!). I'll be looking forward to your return in April :D

Toria said...

Real life always comes first! (unfortunately for us who eagerly await your next update!)

Monica said...

Thank you both! I am glad my followers have such great patience!


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