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Jan 16, 2011

Apology... (Accepted?)

I am sorry for my absence!~ I was there for a while, and then I disappeared! I actually don't have anything for you today-- just an apology. I am so very sorry--life does get in the way....

Hopefully soon I will post something.
I think I don't post more than I do!

Jan 4, 2011

Victoria--The first post of the Series: What I Wear

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This is an outfit that I wear to church occasionally. I love my blue jeans. The brand is called "So..." .  I don't know if you have heard of them or not. =] The wonderful green shirt is Sonoma Life+Style. And then my sneakers are Chucks Converse.
For the shirt, I colored it in #62  green marker, and I used my white prismacolor on top of it to make the flowers. =] I was very pleased with myself.
WINNER OF THE CONTEST: Ashita. She was my only contestant, and although she was close, she did not guess the right one! The color number is 05. She guessed 35, which is very close. So, Ashita, you can ask me color one of my black and white ones, or send in a request of something you found or something like that. Or you could ask me to do a series on some type of clothing or anything you like.

Well, I think that is it. See you on Thursday, and sorry for being late. =] (again)
Contest will resume Thursday, with a new number to guess. Please enter! =]