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Dec 8, 2010


This is Rania. Um, she is not a paper doll, because I messed up on her bosom. (to say it bluntly). But, I wanted to share it with you, because I really liked her face, although I do admit that I messed up on her right eye. But, I liked her enough to post her, and since I haven't been posting lately.... Well, I fell bad. My life is taking over, and I don't have time for blogging, or email, or... anything. I have just enough time to check and leave, but that's it.

I want to get better at that, but I have so much to do... Ugh.

Anyway, now that I am done sighing, I want to tell you all one final sorry, and that you should see me soon. (I hope.) I have all of these great dolls.....