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Dec 16, 2010

Markered outfit & medieval gown for Ciara

Click here for Doll (Ciara)

Don't have time to talk. It's a miracle I even got this on here.


Updated 12.17.10 

Hello! I finally made it! Sorry that this post was so weird!!

About the outfits. The one on the left is Ciara's favorite for going to the park on fall days. And the one on the left is a pretty gown set in medieval or maybe Greek times. I'm not sure, I just drew whatever came to my head!! =]

Thanks for all of those wonderful comments! I appreciate every single one!
But with those comments, you could be guessing the color number for the contest. So far I have only one contestant. (They were really close!) Anyway, the contest will go till JANUARY FIRST. you have that long to enter. Please do not put it off!!

Thanks for reading my ramblings, too.



~Ashita said...

I love the crown! So light and elfin, making me think of the Narnian crowns, or maybe Galadriel...

Liana said...

Nice work on the folds of the dress! And the color of the blue jeans is perfect.... it's something I can never do right, actually (which is part of why I never draw them maybe? ^^;;)

SK said...

Really Cool!

Toria said...

Wow, you did an awesome job on the medieval gown! Gorgeous :)