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Dec 14, 2010

Faerie Girls Part 1--Cephia

Click for PDF for Picture #1
Click for PDF for Picture #2

 Faerie Girls Part 1!!! Finally!
 I have a contest question for you, too!! On picture #2, the last dress to the right, (labeled #1), what color do you think the yellow is on the color chart? What you need to do is this: pick out a color on the chart, and leave your answer in the comments or email me the number. (the numbers are right under the color) Does that make sense? If not, please email me, and I will try to explain it better.
 About the doll--I colored her with pencils, but all her clothes are marker. What happened was this: I got my markers after I drew the doll, and I had to use my markers. So, that is how all the dolls are going to be. (I have like six or eight in this series, and I might make more.)
I love this doll so much!!

I think that's it. Have fun with the doll and contest!!



Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing work!!!

~Ashita said...

I especially love the middle on on picture #2 My guess is number 35.

Karen said...

Your fairy Cephia is beautiful, her costumes too.

Monica said...

Thanks, all! =]

Anonymous said...

I would guess color 5... Why do you ask? Just curious. :) By the way, I've been browsing around the site and I think these are my favorite dresses so far, there are really pretty.