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Dec 4, 2010

Color Chart is Here!

Hi! I'm here! Finally! I'm sorry I'm so late! And I don't even have a paper doll to give you. You'll just have to take this not very good picture of a lady and my.... markers color chart!! Yaay!!
I also have a contest idea for this, too. When I post a marker-colored outfit or doll, I am going to pick out one or two colors and ask you what number it is. Then you go to this page here, and click on the chart to make it bigger so you can identify colors.
Now, this isn't happening for a little while. I need to make some more dresses and get it all figured out. But, I wanted to give you a heads up.
Another matter is this:
The reason I am posting on a Saturday is because I went to Ohio on Wed, and got home late on Thurs. I never got to post on Fri, so I did today. =]
Thank you Liana for help on the color chart! I used Microsoft Excel to make it. =]
I'll have some marker-colored dresses soon!


Anonymous said...

Cool! I really hope you'll have another paper doll soon!:)

Liana said...

Nicely done! I can see how that'll be helpful... a lot of those blues and greens especially have really subtle differences. I like your idea for the contest, too :)

Good luck with your future drawings :D