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Sep 10, 2010

A Drawing, and Two Outfits for Skye! (Color-Your-Self!)

Which one do you like better? Left or right? Edited or not edited? Comments! =]

I know I said I wasn't going to post today, but I found the time! So,
Here are two outfits for Skye, a nightgown and/or an evening gown. I am not sure what it is. Both are Color-Your-Self. And then a Cardigan with jeans, boots, and necklace for finishing touches.  
I haven't been doing PDFS because I haven't had the time, and something is wrong with the converter. I'll figure it out soon.

I am still ignoring the polls I need to put up for a doll. haha



Liana said...

Really nice detail on those two outfits for Skye! :D

I like the first of the two sketches -- it kind of looks more real, and I like seeing that sort of thing from artists sometimes, it almost feels like you get more of an insight into how they work. You know what I mean? ^^;;

Monica said...

I'm glad you like the drawings and the outfits. I plan to post some more drawings.... =]
Each one I am going to post the original and the edited one.


Toria said...

I love the cardigan! Wish I had one like it :)