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Sep 12, 2010

Skye's Baker's Dress (Computer and Penciled Version.)

Baker's Dress!! Yay!

Click Here For Doll (Skye)

The blue one is penciled, and the yellow one is computer colord. (GIMP) ( I thought I did well on it.

PDFS should be fixed soon. I need to add the links to the previous posts and then I should be good, because I figured out what was wrong with the converter. Also, has anyone tried the PDFS from other posts and found them messed up? If there are any, let me know.

Okay, here are a few polls for you.... Explanation at the bottom.Only five polls to vote on, so don't worry. ;] Click the break to see them.

That's it. And here is what the doll looks like. (Do you like the green highlights?) Anyway, what this is about is this; I am doing a paper doll series about what I wear. I have various questions up there... Do you want me to model the clothes? What should the dolls name be? Jewelry? Shoes? And so on.  Please please please let me know what you think. (Oh!- before I forget-- The doll is not modeled after me. =])

The first post, which clothes do you want to see first, I will post them by how much they get voted on. So if Fancy got 3 votes, Sports got 1, Lazy Days 8 and Normal 2 and Other 4, then I would post them in this order;

  • Lazy Days (because that got the most. (8) 
  • Other second (4) 
  • Fancy (3)
  • Normal (2)
  • and then Sports (1) 
Get it?

I hope you do! If you don't or have questions, feel free to ask me. =]

Thanks for voting!


Toria said...

Awesome dresses, I like how you colored them (and GIMP is great, you can do just about anything with it!)

RLC said...

Both the dresses came out beautifully. Despite my own use of computer coloring (both because I don't think I'm any good with colored pencils and because my scanner can not handle the depth of color it would need to do colored pencils), I really like the colored pencil version more. I think it has more depth. Not that anyone asked my opinion, but that isn't likely to stop me from giving it. :)