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Sep 9, 2010



Okay, I have to explain that. Her name is Mia, and the previous doll I posted is called Kami. I fixed it on the post/pic, so it's all better. Just a small mix-up.

I did some fancy editing as you can see. Like it? Yes? No? Let me know in the comments!

I am not going to bother with the polls today, (as I was planning too,) because I have had a long day. (LOTS and LOTS of homework PLUS school!)  So, maybe tomorrow or Sunday.

This is a Seasons Set too. And another old doll. The first two clothes are old. The three next ones are new.

I think a lot of these short run dolls are going to be Seasons until I can figure something more creative to draw.

Also, there is a Color-Your-Self hat and long-sleeved shirt. Enjoy!


Toria said...

awesome! I like her different outfits :) I think the background looks good, it adds a nice touch to the set!