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Sep 3, 2010

Britney, New Paper Doll

 11:09 AM
Okay... I knmow this isn't the greatest post (especially after my break--) But I think I am going to be late today... I know, so sad. But with school, and I have to go somewhere after school, and such, I will will late. (maybe 4;30 or 5;00PM. It's sooooo sad. But I have lots of knew clothes, dolls, and ideas, so please stay tuned!!

(and polls are coming too! LOTS of them!)



HI! Here I am! WOW!  (About 2 hours late!!!)   But, I came out alive and living. (HA.) 

I also would like to present to you Britney Meyers. A pretty 17 year old Junior from Missouri. The lines on her are from a car crash she survived when she was 13.

Anway, I am so sorry that I am so late, and I am also sorry that this is such a crappy paper doll. (one of my older ones. ) (Plus my grammar stinks!) (I have to hurry... AGAIN!)I didn't have much time for editing. Sorry. (Or tags. I'll do that later.)

This is a seasons set. Gotta run.