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Sep 17, 2010

Clothes Package For Skye

Hello! Here are a few color-yourself outfits... I hope they fit. I'm not sure if they do or not. ;]

To Miss Anonymous who said... "Too big" on the post, Spy Outfit for Skye, I fixed it, so I believe it will fit Skye now. Just wanted to let you know. =] I appreciate it that Miss Anonymous told me, instead of letting it go. I really want all the clothes to fit, and with the size trouble I was having, I appreciate anyone who points out glitches. Don't worry about offending me. =]

In this clothes package, there are the following outfits never seen before; 

  • Jean Jacket with Jeans (lol) 
  • Indian (India) styled Dress with Leggings
  • Summer Dress with Pleats and Belt
  • Tied Sleeves Shirt with Jeans
  • Cardigan, Short Sleeved Shirt, and Shorts
  • Evening Dress
  • Skirt, Tank top and Necklace

There you go! =]

To let you know, I have updated the links box.

I am also still working on getting my act together for the What I Wear Doll. I am sorry, I have been really bogged down with school and stuff.

Also, I have another poll up: Should I continue offering PDFS? I feel like it is an inconvenience that no one uses, so I am just wondering if I should continue offering it.

MARKERS!! I got 100 new markers for my birthday! Yes! And, as you know Liana, I am planning on making a color chart. I can't wait to show it when it's done to you! They are awesome! The brand is Fibracolor.I can't wait to use them to make paper dolls! There is even flesh tone in there! Yaay!

I hope you read all this and that you like the outfits. I hope they fit too. Please vote!