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Sep 16, 2010

Chinese-y Dress for Skye, along with two others

(there's another dress after the break!)

Okay, three dresses total, because my birthday was this week. Computer colored version of the color-yourself, and then a Chinese-y dress with jewelry. Not much to say, just enjoy!


Toria said...

I love them! Gorgeous detail on the chinese-like one :)


Anonymous said...

i wish you could make more fairy clothes or more fairy dolls! I love fairies and tinker bell! so i would like to see some of those on other blogs.

Monica said...

Thanks Toria. That's really sweet.

And Miss PandaPix27--- I have lots of fairy-ish and fairy clothes everywhere. Literally. Have you gone up to page, Paper Dolls on the Site? There are dolls there, with their clothes. (Still in progress) but that might help you find some.

RLC said...

You did a wonderful job on the skirts of both these dresses, especially the first one where it would have hit the floor. I'm quite jealous. I can never seem to get the bottoms of skirts to look right.

Monica said...

Thanks, Rachel. That's kinda funny. =]

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I have never seen the other paper dolls you made earlier! I have seen skye. I love you blog too much!!!!!!!!!