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Jul 15, 2010

My Reminded me of a Movie

So this is something I drew.... I thought it turned out very good, even thought it does not follow the colored one to the exact line, but hey, we all can be different. It took me a day to draw. (More like the afternoon.) =]
But, it reminded me of this;

Sorry that it is so small. Computer trouble. lol
I posted that because (1, It's art, (2, I need something to do while the table is being cleaned so I can do some paper doll-ing. So, watch for another post today with an outfit for Ciara.

IT IS COPYRIGHTED TO MONICA B. NO REDISTRIBUTION ALLOWED  UNLESS YOU HAVE MY WORD. So, please email me PAPERDOLLBLOG@YAHOO.COM if you would do so and ask FIRST. Or, you can just link me. =] Thanks.

I'll bet you that this post made absolutely no sense.