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Jul 25, 2010

A Dress of Explosions for Ciara

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Click For Paper Doll (Ciara)

This dress was also made during my great fantasy what-ever-you-call-it. I guess you can say excursion or rage. But anyway, it is a dress that I drew without thinking. I didn't think about designing, colors, shading, pleats, fabric, nothing. So this is what you get for today. A Dress of Explosions. For Ciara.

I was surprised it turned out so imperfect that it looks perfect. My friend Emily, which I mentioned in the comments of Red Sleeves!! (A Fantasy Dress for Ciara!) really liked this one. I think she again wanted it in real fabric for her to wear!! (Which I would do in a heartbeat! To see these on the red carpet!!)

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Toria said...

Beautiful! It makes me think of a dramatic peacock :)