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Jul 17, 2010

Ciara's Sari

I finally made a good looking sari! I am soo glad that this one turned out so good!!
I did my best to make the silver look shiny, but I don't think it turned out very shiny looking. But I tried!! =]
The color of the blue is so pretty! I couldn't resist making it that color.
I know sari's usually have more color and design to them, but I'm not that good at making little beads and designs everywhere. Maybe next time.
I didn't have much time to edit it... So here it is in rough draft form. =]


Click For PDF
Click Here For The Doll (Ciara)

Let me know if the PDFs are working... I'm not sure if they are or not! =]


Always Me said...

It's really good Monica.

Monica said...

Thank you! I did my best!