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Jul 14, 2010

Ciara's Fantasy outfit

Gaahhhh!! I am so very sorry! I haven't been doing well at posting lately... I have no idea why. I realized today when I got home from West Virginia that I didn't post yesterday... Sent me into a panic!!  But now I am better and here is another outfit Ciara.

I was very pleased with this dress. I felt I did very well with the fabric, even though I didn't spend a lot of time on shading. I did mix some orange in there though.
I do admit, it is a little short, which I have no idea how or why it got that short. I like to be modest.
I was planning for Ciara to be a modern-times girl, without fairy and princess and cloak and dagger kind of stuff. But one day my imagination went wild, and so here we are with a bunch of fantasy things. Which is fine with me. But it kinda messed with my plans. lol. So many of the outfits I am going to post for her are going to be fantasy-ish. =]



 Click For PDF
Click For Doll (Ciara)


Toria said...

I like it!

Karen said...

The red dress is very smart. Though Ciara is a modern girl, she might go to a carnival where she wants to wear the princess gown and other kinds of outfit. This will be fun.

Monica said...

Thank you all!

I am glad that you are looking forward to more of her clothes, Karen. I have lots more for her.

And Toria-- I forgot to tell you that I like the recent dress that you did. I should head on over there right now.... tehe.

Always Me said...

I like it, it has nice movement as if she's walking on a windy day. One thing you could do if you wanted it longer would be to draw her some leggings seperately or another skirt that fits underneath.

Monica said...

Always Me--
That's a good idea. Maybe I will do that and post them on another post, but refer to this post in that one. =]
I'll go do that right now.... Maybe I can post it today.