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Jul 19, 2010

Ciara's 60's Blouse

Click Here For Doll (Ciara)
Click For PDF

The post is also on the picture that you print. (And the PDF). =]

But I posted it here for you too.

This is a 60's outfit for Ciara. I did not design the shirt myself, just drew it and colored it, with some variations of my own.
I really really love the way the pants came out! The shading is wonderful, and I like those pockets. Ever see triangle pockets before?
I am sorry that I missed Sunday's post. I was busy, and really didn't have time to do anything with the blog.
I also got a new ink pen. It is bigger than my old one, so it makes thicker, bolder lines. With this outfit, I used the bold ink pen for the outside lines, and then the smaller pen for the details inside. I think it turned out well, so I will probably continue like that, until my small ink pen runs out of ink all the way. (It's on its way out, that’s why I got a new one.)
I will most likely be late tomorrow... I'm sorry. This is summer though, and life does happen.

Thanks for looking!


Come again!

Let me know if the PDF isn't working.