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Jul 1, 2010


Alright... So the post down below this one is lying. I am posting today. I posted that because I didn't have anything to post. But now I do. =]

Sooo... here is another doll, Ciara. She is Irish and also my first redhead.
She has really long legs, but hey, there's tall people in the world! I love her nose... so pretty.
I exaggerated (not on purpose) "blossom" a bit to much.... I was just drawing... hehe
I was very pleased with the way the color job came out.... extraordinary. 
So there she is. As pretty as can be. =]
I worked really hard on that dress. I felt like a ball gown today. It turned out better than I expected it would. (I'm not all that good with ballgowns) but, when I finished, I was satisfied that I did well. 
Click Here For PDF

I decided to share another little chibi with you. This one is special. Because she is Grace.
There you go Grace!! I hope you like her!!

I updated Fairy Kori's page. All the clothes are available in that post in PDF format.



Karen said...

Ciara is a very pretty doll. Her evening dress is beautiful and very well coloured. I`m looking forward to see more of her clothes.

Monica said...

Thank you. I had a great time designing her dress and coloring her hair. Fist redhead ever!!