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Jul 30, 2010


Dear Followers;

I apologize for my lack of enthusiasm to post on the blog. I wish I wanted to post more, but I don't. I wish I have posted more, but I don't feel like it. I don't have an excuse, just that I don't feel like it. So I guess I am going to take a vacation for a while of posting. I appreciate all of you who faithfully follow-- in fact I love you for it. I just wanted to let you know I am taking a break.

Thanks for reading,


Jul 25, 2010

A Dress of Explosions for Ciara

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This dress was also made during my great fantasy what-ever-you-call-it. I guess you can say excursion or rage. But anyway, it is a dress that I drew without thinking. I didn't think about designing, colors, shading, pleats, fabric, nothing. So this is what you get for today. A Dress of Explosions. For Ciara.

I was surprised it turned out so imperfect that it looks perfect. My friend Emily, which I mentioned in the comments of Red Sleeves!! (A Fantasy Dress for Ciara!) really liked this one. I think she again wanted it in real fabric for her to wear!! (Which I would do in a heartbeat! To see these on the red carpet!!)

Please before you go, check out my other blog at this link; It's My Book   Thank you!! 

Jul 23, 2010

Red Sleeves!! (A Fantasy Dress for Ciara!)

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This is another fantasy dress for Ciara. Not much to say about it, just that I like it. =]
I have lots more clothes coming for her.


Jul 22, 2010

Color -Yourself-Leggings For Ciara

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These are leggings!! The first leggings I ever drew!! haha! They are for this dress. Corrie from 2BeAPaperDoll, suggested in the comments that I make leggings for Ciara to go with the dress, since the dress was short and this is a modest paper doll site. (With imagination!)
So, I sat down and drew some, but I didn't color it. I  thought you guys might like to. If you want me to color it, let m

e know in the comments. =]
I do take suggestions! I would love to have some! Thank you for looking!!

Let me know if the PDF is working. =]


Jul 20, 2010

Ciara's Swimsuit Stuff or Something

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I decided to post two today as (1 an apology, and (2, to make up for the 'color-it-yourself-outfit'. That one isn’t very good.... hehe. Sorry about that.
Reason that I am posting at 5:15 is;
I just got back from Newburgh, NY State. We took something down there for a friend. We also went through Scranton, and Bloomsburg, and I crossed the Delaware and saw the Susquehanna. Never been there before.
But back to the outfits. I think the top one is a swimsuit, and then the bottom one is like a dancing dress for the beach, or a swim-suit-cover-up, or something that you just hang out in. But I'm not really sure what either are. =]
I think that is about all I have to say today... Thank you very much,
All pieces here are subject to copyright of Monica B. Please do not sell or copy without permission.
Thank you!!

Jul 19, 2010

Ciara's 60's Blouse

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The post is also on the picture that you print. (And the PDF). =]

But I posted it here for you too.

This is a 60's outfit for Ciara. I did not design the shirt myself, just drew it and colored it, with some variations of my own.
I really really love the way the pants came out! The shading is wonderful, and I like those pockets. Ever see triangle pockets before?
I am sorry that I missed Sunday's post. I was busy, and really didn't have time to do anything with the blog.
I also got a new ink pen. It is bigger than my old one, so it makes thicker, bolder lines. With this outfit, I used the bold ink pen for the outside lines, and then the smaller pen for the details inside. I think it turned out well, so I will probably continue like that, until my small ink pen runs out of ink all the way. (It's on its way out, that’s why I got a new one.)
I will most likely be late tomorrow... I'm sorry. This is summer though, and life does happen.

Thanks for looking!


Come again!

Let me know if the PDF isn't working.

Jul 17, 2010

Ciara's Sari

I finally made a good looking sari! I am soo glad that this one turned out so good!!
I did my best to make the silver look shiny, but I don't think it turned out very shiny looking. But I tried!! =]
The color of the blue is so pretty! I couldn't resist making it that color.
I know sari's usually have more color and design to them, but I'm not that good at making little beads and designs everywhere. Maybe next time.
I didn't have much time to edit it... So here it is in rough draft form. =]


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Click Here For The Doll (Ciara)

Let me know if the PDFs are working... I'm not sure if they are or not! =]

Jul 15, 2010

Another Summer Dress for Ciara

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Alright... This dress is really funny. I didn't even trace the doll!!!  This was a doodle!! But then I put
it on the doll and it fit! It was sooooooo funny!
It's pretty much another summer dress.
I didn't use my blender on it. =]

My Reminded me of a Movie

So this is something I drew.... I thought it turned out very good, even thought it does not follow the colored one to the exact line, but hey, we all can be different. It took me a day to draw. (More like the afternoon.) =]
But, it reminded me of this;

Sorry that it is so small. Computer trouble. lol
I posted that because (1, It's art, (2, I need something to do while the table is being cleaned so I can do some paper doll-ing. So, watch for another post today with an outfit for Ciara.

IT IS COPYRIGHTED TO MONICA B. NO REDISTRIBUTION ALLOWED  UNLESS YOU HAVE MY WORD. So, please email me PAPERDOLLBLOG@YAHOO.COM if you would do so and ask FIRST. Or, you can just link me. =] Thanks.

I'll bet you that this post made absolutely no sense.


Quick note--    (Dress will be later today)

This is only running for 30 days!! So please vote! Thank you!

Jul 14, 2010

Ciara's Fantasy outfit

Gaahhhh!! I am so very sorry! I haven't been doing well at posting lately... I have no idea why. I realized today when I got home from West Virginia that I didn't post yesterday... Sent me into a panic!!  But now I am better and here is another outfit Ciara.

I was very pleased with this dress. I felt I did very well with the fabric, even though I didn't spend a lot of time on shading. I did mix some orange in there though.
I do admit, it is a little short, which I have no idea how or why it got that short. I like to be modest.
I was planning for Ciara to be a modern-times girl, without fairy and princess and cloak and dagger kind of stuff. But one day my imagination went wild, and so here we are with a bunch of fantasy things. Which is fine with me. But it kinda messed with my plans. lol. So many of the outfits I am going to post for her are going to be fantasy-ish. =]



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Jul 11, 2010

A Dress!! (And An Apology)

I know, I know. I missed Thursday. I am soo very sorry. The day just got away from me. Plus I didn't have anything drawn.....
So to make it up to you, I have made this not very good dress and I decided I should post it... even though I don't like it all that much. All I have folks.

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Jul 6, 2010

Ciara's Shorts with Triangle Shirt

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3:20 Can't say anything now--- Monica

A couple days later;

Did my best on this one. Kinda a bummer though. Sorry about this crazy post. lol

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Jul 4, 2010

Chibi and Summer Dress for Ciara. (Not the chibi. lol)

This is a gangster chibi.... Ever see one of them before??? lol   So cute!!!

This is a summer dress for Ciara. Cant say much... just that it's for her and that it took a long time to get onto this computer!! hehe. =] It's pretty, but not one of my better colored ones. =]


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Jul 1, 2010


Alright... So the post down below this one is lying. I am posting today. I posted that because I didn't have anything to post. But now I do. =]

Sooo... here is another doll, Ciara. She is Irish and also my first redhead.
She has really long legs, but hey, there's tall people in the world! I love her nose... so pretty.
I exaggerated (not on purpose) "blossom" a bit to much.... I was just drawing... hehe
I was very pleased with the way the color job came out.... extraordinary. 
So there she is. As pretty as can be. =]
I worked really hard on that dress. I felt like a ball gown today. It turned out better than I expected it would. (I'm not all that good with ballgowns) but, when I finished, I was satisfied that I did well. 
Click Here For PDF

I decided to share another little chibi with you. This one is special. Because she is Grace.
There you go Grace!! I hope you like her!!

I updated Fairy Kori's page. All the clothes are available in that post in PDF format.


Once agian, I am sorry.

I am sorry.... No post today....