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Jun 11, 2010

Skye's Swim Suit Cover-up Or Something

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 Click Here For Doll (Skye)

This is a swim suit cover up or something of the sort. It might just be lounging dress too, or a summer play dress.... I'm not sure. Those are kind of fancy shoes for a swim suit... haha
 I am sorry that I didn't post yesterday. I was gone all day due to an emergency, and I didn't have the time. =] (Or a computer for that matter!!)
The little girl/person you see in the bottom right of the picture is a doodle. Thought I should post it. Not sure how you are going to cut it out, but you don't have too. =]
Skye has so many more clothes to post that I might post two or three at the same time.... let me know. =]
You will have to cut out the really, really tiny part there where her toes are supposed to go in her shoes.Sorry about that. =]


Karen said...

Beautiful dress. I`m glad you are back.

Monica said...

I am too. =]