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Jun 24, 2010

Skye's Indian Outfit and Headband

Click Here For Doll (Skye)
Click Here For PDF

I am just posting oneoutfit today; that's all I have time for.
I didn't think this turned out as well as I wanted it too... but I like to post the good and the bad, because what looks bad to me might look spectacular to other people. =]
I tried my best on the boots.Bot very much color for American Indian... hehe.
Fringes are cool, huh?
I have been posting PDFs lately, so feel free to download them!



Always Me said...

They might have used colors and red is very possible I think. Red flowers & berries could have been used for dyes. I like it.

Monica said...

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind when I do another one. =]