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Jun 8, 2010

Skye's 60's Orange Flowered Dress

Click Here for Skye's 60's Dress PDF
Click Here For Doll (Skye)

So, in my poll, one of the most voted things was Time Periods, and even though the poll is not done, I have begun to research and draw some outfits. My Mom really likes this one.
The pleats and coloring turned out nicely, I think. The orange kinda smudged onto the white, but I think it gives it some effect. =]

I might be back later to elaborate on this post, but I'm not sure.


Toria said...

Charming dress! I agree, the pleats and folds of the fabric are very well done :)

Monica said...

Thank you so much!!

Karen said...

Beautiful dress, I`m glad you post again.

Monica said...

Thanks, Karen.

Always Me said...

I really like this one Monica. You did a great job on the detailing.

Monica said...

Thanks. I do try!