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Jun 13, 2010

Outfit for Skye

9:39 PM  Sunday
This has to be quick because it is time for bed and I'm ready.
No PDF, tomorrow.
Update tomorrow.

1:07 PM Monday
Hello! Sorry that I didn't have time to say much.... =] It was bedtime, and I needed the sleep.
I don't know where this outfit came from, but I like it  a lot. It turned out very well, I thought. But it's not one of my better ones.
I really would like some ideas... Someone send me something  (An outfit) to draw, and I will do it!! I made a whole doll for one... Lucinda. But, I just looked at the post, and for some reason the photo isn't there. So, I will have to work on that..... hehe Anyway, what I'm saying is that if you send me something to draw, I'll do it for you and then post it!

Click Here For The PDF
Click Here For The Doll (Skye)